2 Challenges

The “experience” is ultimately more important than the “click” of a shutter.  

Challenge #1 is to appreciate the experience, right then and there.  To get out of my own way and allow the scene to be what it is.  When I finally "get it",  I feel lighter, at ease,  compassionate...elevated.   

Challenge #2 is finding a way to share that experience in a two-dimensional image.  I often wish I could photograph like song writers compose and novelists write.  ...compassion, chills down the spine, tingling skin and reawakening... 

When an image has the power to convey such experiences, 
evoke similar emotions --- it is a testament of the artist’s ability
to rise to those two challenges. 
And so, I challenge myself.....again and again.

Listening with the trees...
Out late with friends the last few weeks.
It’s agreed; we photographers are lucky and grateful to have these experiences.  

...at 2am and 10ºF there are no sounds of motors, tires humming on asphalt, or irreverent doors slamming.  At night you hear the thermals before you see them and coyote calls echoing in the distance.  A chunk falls from a 30ft pine bow -- it tinkles like a xylophone when it hits the hard crust of the snow covered ground.  And I think you can even hear the sky move... 

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