Essence of the subject

I find myself thinking first about the essence of the subject.  Then I challenge myself to capture that in an image.
And a higher goal is to inspire someone to do the same, dig deeper, discover more than a snapshot of the scene.

In my images, I like when you move in closer you see details I've deliberately included.
I'll move and compose and recompose.  And I'll wait for a shadow to move or paint with a light or reflector.
And from further away you see the scene more realistically.  Perhaps feeling the same as I did at the time.
Noticing or feeling that "essence" calling to have its story told.
A single image may take weeks to complete. I'll revisit the image, or even the scene itself, to reexamine what captivated me in the first place.  I'll wait, and listen.
I'll recompose, yes again.  Or readjust the exposure or white balance looking to better portray the real story.   It's a deliberate way of approaching scenes.
A way of getting closer to the meaning of it all.... 

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