Photography as a means to connect

Above all, I consider photography as a way to connect. More than the pleasure of connecting with the scene on my own,
I enjoy sharing the experience with others...to connect with people.  

It is a little tougher to find partners who will brave the cold and late hours of high altitude Night Photography.  So, it is extremely gratifying when an occasion comes to attract interested people and everything clicks.  It's very similar to my guesthouse days when I'd walk into the common-room and start conversations with guests from a variety of nationalities or from other parts of the US.  

I feel like the catalyst of 'understanding' that begins to grow.  Tentative voices begin to speak up, eyes meet, smiles and stories are exchanged. Connections are made between the guests, understandings and friendships begin to grow.  

And others, become catalysts...

19 crazy souls braved 19ยบ F temperature to photographed the heavens, just after midnight. It was the start of the annual Scott Kelby WorldWide PhotoWalk. Hosted by Bozeman’s F11 Photo. I began with a few Night Sky Landscape tips and everyone set-up to photograph an Orb and at least a dozen elusive LuminBeings™.   

I could feel the smiles in the darkness, and hear the giggles and AhHas! when images appeared on the camera-backs.  Voila! our cameras settings were ready for the stars. 

I was especially pleased to see so many Night Sky first-timers give it a go and have success so quickly.
There were beeeautiful Night Sky images with tree silhouettes and light-painted snow covered pines. A really fun time shivering and shooting together.   

Connections with the Night Sky and new friends, too..

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