Night Photography | Star Trails & foregrounds

There are two things to think about when figuring out the correct exposure for a star trail shot.  
1.  How bright to have the star trails
2.  How bright to have the rest of the image
The first is controlled by the aperture and ISO settings and
the second is controlled by the aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

My favorite star trail images are the ones partnered with a foreground or silhouette.
And when combined with an iconic or recognizable landscape it can give the viewer
a reason to pause, and reflect----and see that feature in a new light….hmmm.. dark?   
And again, with the extended exposures used for night photography,
there CAN be a lot of light!

Liberty Cap in Yellowstone with ambient light 
and star trails in opposite directions. 
The brightest light is Jupiter’s trial.

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