Photographing Fireworks

Quick tips:
-- Use a tripod and a bubble level for even horizons 
--  Use a cable release or a wireless remote to eliminate wiggles
--  Bring an extra camera battery
-- Manual focus on a distant light

-- Start with f / 8, ISO 200, shutter-speeds of 3, 5, 10 sec
-- Then use f/11 and f/16 to create darker skies
-- Open shutter when you see the launch trail
-- Close it after the burst trails off

-- Start with a wide angle lens
-- Switch to a zoom lens for close-ups
-- Watch for patterns and height to anticipate the next bursts
-- Then use higher ISO’s 400 & 800 if it’s windy 

to freeze bursts before they drift

--  To add special effects tap your tripod or 
--  Move your focus-to-unfocus during exposure
--  Don't take time to delete images while you are out there

--  Include foreground for a sense of scale, location and mood 
--  Silhouettes are cool. Kneel down and catch some hats and pointing arms
 --  Use a dim flash (or cover it with a thin napkin) to add to your story

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