Long exposures, a form of meditation

My family has a favorite Thanksgiving story of me hiking six miles in the morning to meet Dad who went fishing at a farm pond. I was seven. When asked how I could be so brave in the dark, my answer was easy; "I was safe. The big dipper was with me the whole time." 

It never fails to give comfort when I'm out at night
to give a nod to the Big Dipper... 

Childhood memories, dreams and imagination 
come flowing back when I make the time to look up
and gaze. 

I encourage my fellow 'dusketeers' to find a similar experience when they're out there.  
Stare deeply and soak it in.  Allow the Night Sky to envelop you.  

Let the 30 seconds add-up...and evolve into minutes,
an hour, or two...A form of meditation, I suppose, 
long exposures.

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