Prepare for the show

Beehive is a favorite spectacular geyser of Yellowstone, its unpredictability adds to its splendor.  I waited for the full moon to rise and enjoyed the night.  The fumaroles waved, and the stars trailed around the Polaris/ North Star.  That Beehive erupted during that time may have just been a coincidence --- or maybe I was on-to-something after studying the last few months of geyser eruption records.  Somehow, (wishful thinking perhaps) I figured there was a chance of the two coinciding between 10 and 2am.  I called a friend and let him know my plans and prepared to enjoy a long night…with a chance of a show. 

I visualized the image, composed accordingly and bundle myself and camera with heat pads and overcoats.  There is a lot of moisture amongst the thermals and the tripod became heavily frosted. I rarely use any hand lights out there because the white landscape shows well under starlight. So, it was a nice, calm quiet night.  Coyotes in the distance, gurgles nearby and a moist breeze that coated everything...

Moonbows are rare because moonlight is not as strong as sunlight that creates rainbows.  In this case the second moonbow is a bonus due to the clear full moon’s low angle and the fine mist of Beehive’s steam. 

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