Much more than, "Well, this is what I saw."

To me photography is more than a capture of “This is what I saw”.   I challenge myself to make an image about the sensation, and the spirit of the scene rather than just a “moment-in-time”.  And I'm learning that the process of creating images parallels the way I experience life.

I approach a Scene or a Scenario with 'active listening' in mind.  I allow space and encourage the Scene or Scenario to speak itself.  Looking beyond the attention grabbing glare or quick knee-jerk comment.  Going deeper into the background and recognizing other light, different shades of shadows and colors.  Clarifying perspectives and varied compositions

I become more aware, more appreciative, more understanding of 'what it is really, all about'.    
Step back, see the big picture.   And then, create something that might stir others in that same way.

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"Keep Looking UP" 

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