HDR at Twilight | Bracketing

Bracketing is the feature to use for shooting HDR. The Nikon D700 allows for a maximum of 1-step Exposure Values (EV’s).

Unfortunately, three shots spaced by one EV are often not sufficient for properly taking HDR scenes at twilight or night.

At default the D700 is already set-up with the exposure bracketing feature assigned to the function button (FN).  That makes it easy to press and dial my 5 or 7 shots-in-a-row bracketing sequence. 

5 or 7 shots are a good number to input into today’s HDR software programs.  It doesn't take the computer any more time than it takes for 3 shots and gives the software programs more information to work with.  For this shot I used 
Nik Software’s “HDR Efex Pro”.

So, with my camera set for 1-stop EV's, my cable release attached, 
and 7-shot bracket dialed-in, I was preset and ready for the sun to make its last short peek before setting.  

~~~See you out there


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