Night Photography | White Balance (WB) moods

Experiment with white balance (WB) to make dramatic moods.

If you have a Live View feature, use it to scroll through the various WB settings as you compose your shot and choose a setting that you 'feel' fits the scene.  After shooting the "correct" white balance. I choose 3300K as a cool 'blue' place to start and sometimes go as high as 10,000K to heat it up.   If you shoot in Raw format, you can adjust the WB and the “mood” in post processing.  

The mixture of thermal steam from these Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs and the nearby ambient lights create a wonderful opportunity to try a variety of WB moods.

~~~See you out there

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Anonymous said...

Where did all that light come from?

Robert Howell said...

The nearby street lights and Ranger's house lights are always lighting this thermal area.