Listening to the Scene

On the surface you might notice the color, lines, swirls or textures that seem to tickle your fancy.  But, the real beauty, is in the conversation.  

That night the sky seemed darker and quieter than usual.  And it was cold out.  Finger and toe numbing cold. The Milky Way was rising parallel to the horizon.  But, I could barely see it.  

I just wasn’t ‘into it’. 

Maybe my thoughts were on yesterday or next week.  Wherever they were, they were so loud I couldn’t hear the sky.  I realized I wasn’t making an effort to appreciate the scene. 

So, I backed away from the tripods and stared at the heavens.  I walked to the end of the boardwalk, out of sight of the cameras… and listened.  Then I walked some more, watching and listening.  (I've done this before.  It’s actually easier to do at night... fewer distractions.)  My thoughts moved toward the sky.  Not all of them.  Some of my thoughts were behind me,  wondering about bears.  But most of my thoughts traveled up to where I was staring…   

A recent German supercomputer estimates there are 500 billion galaxies. That means there could be a galaxy out there for every star in the Milky Way. I wondered about the insignificance of-it-all… And then, the significance.  I was stepping back to get a better view… and then I heard it. 

It sounded like a breeze through the pines and felt like a pat on the back, or maybe, a gentle push.  The scene spoke to me and in some way smiled and challenged me, “You’re ready.  Let's go.…”

I walked back to my (carefully covered) cameras and frosted tripod legs.  Checked my watch, just for the heck of it.  I knew I was ready to start shooting with the sky...just wondering how long it took me, this time?   Two hours. 
Just right… apparently.

It was a beautiful conversation.  I can still hear it in this image.  Do you hear it?

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