Star Trails Diverging / Opposite Directions

Ancient Rock Art | Petroglyphs / Utah ‘Basketmaker’ nomads --- pre 750A.D.Star trails diverge in two directions over “Birthing Rock”. A nine-foot tall, red ‘Navajo Sandstone’ boulder that holds fragile, etched petroglyphs on all sides. This carving is thought to be the oldest known petroglyph depicting a mother giving birth. Perhaps, giving notice of a journey/trail to a grand fertile canyon and river ahead. For more interpretations of ancient Rock Art check out the writings of LaVan Martinaeu; •http://www.rocklanguage.com/http://www.amazon.com/Rocks-Begin-Speak-Lavan-Martineau/dp/0916122301 

Why do these star trails diverge in two directions?  

Because in both the northern and southern hemisphere the earth's rotation cause stars to appear to rotate around the axis of the earth, (a line projected out into space from the north and south poles). These are known as the north and south celestial poles.In the northern hemisphere this imaginary line points to Polaris -- the north star. We in the northern hemisphere can see the north star at all times / we can't see the southern celestial pole that is below the horizon. Photographs taken toward the south can capture part of both circles formed by the stars rotating around their respective celestial poles.These are two separate circles, curving in opposite directions.

This image is aimed toward the southwest. The view was wide enough to encompass portions of both the northern and southern celestial hemispheres, and so recorded portions of both rotation circles, as well as the "neutral zone" in between.

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